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Mechanimals is a beautiful work of art designed by
Celsius Pictor and masterfully printed by Legends Playing Cards .

Deeply rooted in the culture and tradition of playing cards and in its own language, every aspect of this deck is thought out and illustrated in great detail to create a unique historical universe.
A marriage of the Renaissance with the Industrial Revolution reflected in the deck case and in a handful of imaginative and surprising characters, with a slight steampunk style.

Exclusive specifications :
• Fully custom and original artwork made using a unique collage technique
• Embossed tuck box
• Inner printing on tuck
• Embossed and foiled die-cut sleeve
• Blue gilded edges
• 52 poker cards and two jokers
• Masterfully Printed by Legends Playing Card Co.
• Linen stock, Classic finish
• Unique perforated numbered seal
ONLY 600 numbered decks printed!

These cards that not only handle beautifully, but tell a story!
Each card features beautifully illustrated characters, elements and symbols that make Mechanimals a beautiful collector's item and a perfectly playable deck.